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Artikel: How to go GLAMPING

How to go GLAMPING

How to go GLAMPING

Repost from Nordisk GO magazine 2014

Glamping means glamorous camping – it is all about bringing the luxury of a hotel room into the wild and wonderful outdoors. And the fancy camping style is more popular than ever.

Imagine being woken by bird song and rustling trees in the middle of fabulous nature but surrounded by the fabulous luxury of a hotel room. That is what glamping is all about. Spacious and light cotton tents filled with oriental rugs, futon beds, rustic furniture and candlelit lanterns reflecting in a mirror. Luxury and modern necessities in the middle of nature. Glamorous camping – glamping – is a growing trend to combine luxury and nature.

1. Choose a FABULOUS tent

The core of a glamping camp is a spacious tent!

Nordisk Cotton is a range of spacious cotton tents in classic designs such as a tepee, bell shape, boy scout tent, and a family cottage tent. The tents are large enough for standing and sturdy enough to be furbished with real furniture. The cotton is given a water repellency treatment, so the tents are waterproof and can withstand summer rain.

Classic cotton tents has great indoor climate. Cotton is a natural material with excellent breathability – even when waterproof. The spacious tents with large door openings and multiple ventilation options are well ventilated so the air feels fresh even when you wake up in the morning. Mesh in the inner tent and openings keeps mosquitoes out.

2. Choose a FABULOUS theme

Now you choose a theme for your glamping holiday

Perhaps an elegant classic safari as in the movie “Out of Africa” featuring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in colonial Kenya with dark wooden furniture, khaki linen, brass lanterns and a giant antique globe on top of an old wine barrel.

Or maybe styled as a luxurious Bedouin tent with hot sand and cool drinks inspired by Carrie and friends in “Sex and the city 2”. Cover a futon bed with voluptuous velvet and satin fabrics, hang a glittering chandelier from the ceiling and put oriental rugs and huge pillows on the floor.

You can also go for seventies retro with largeflowered camping furniture, colourful string lights, brown and orange plastic tableware, a colourful hammock and a yellow parasol. Don’t forget a retro radio to play merrily all day as you play croquet and tetherball.

3. Pack up and set a FABULOUS camp

Now fill up your car. Bring absolutely everything you need. Glamping is not about surviving in the wilderness but about combining the luxury of a hotel holiday with adventures in nature.

Find a camping spot with the right mix of nature and modern necessities. Access to power and a wifi-connection is as essential as clean water, a shower and kitchen facilities. Take your time to set up the glamping camp. It is important that everything works and looks absolutely great.

When done lean back in your comfortable bed and enjoy the view of fabulous nature outside.

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