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Artikel: Nordisk Celebrates Denmark's Adventurous New King

Nordisk Celebrates Denmark's Adventurous New King

Nordisk Celebrates Denmark's Adventurous New King

HRH Frederik X and the Spirit of the Outdoors

Silkeborg, Denmark:
As Denmark heralds a new era with Crown Prince Frederik's ascension to the throne as King Frederik X, we celebrate the adventurous spirit of our new king, an embodiment of the values we share and cherish. King Frederik X's passion for the outdoors is not just a personal interest; it reflects a national characteristic deeply embedded in our history, our culture, and is mirrored in Nordisk's own commitment to outdoor life since 1901.

His Royal Highness’ participation in the 2015 edition of the Nordisk Adventure Challenge Silkeborg is a real testament to our shared spirit. During this grueling 18-hour non-stop endurance race, His Royal Highness navigated through a series of outdoor challenges, including trail running, mountain biking, paddling, swimming, and abseiling in Nordisk's hometown of Silkeborg. His participation and top-10 finish exemplify his connection to the adventurous spirit that Nordisk cherishes. His immense popularity was clearly underlined by the 10,000-strong crowd, who witnessed and celebrated his adventure racing debut, despite the sport’s usually low awareness level and a mere 24-hour public notice of his participation, due to safety measures.
Having completed six marathons, an Ironman, the grueling Vasaloppet cross-country ski race, and competed in the European Sailing Championships, King Frederik X is no stranger to endurance sports. He also founded the Royal Run—a running series that attracts nearly 100,000 participants annually across five cities. His personal involvement, often hopping from one event to the next by helicopter, underscores his commitment to an active outdoor lifestyle and the joy of physical challenges.

In this new chapter of Danish history, King Frederik X stands as a figure who not only continues the legacy of one of the world's oldest monarchies but also personifies the adventurous ethos that is integral to Nordisk. As we witness the crowning of King Frederik X, we are reminded of the seamless blend of tradition and adventure that defines both the Danish throne and our company.
This event is not just a changing of the guard; it's a celebration of the spirit of the outdoors, of adventure, and the inspirational characters who inspire us to continue exploring.

King Frederik X – we salute you.

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