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Artikel: Bikepacking



How did you get into bike riding?
My mum took me and my brother on a 3 days ride to my grandparents when I was like 4 years old. So I got into it at an early stage of my life. Cycling was always a Part of my life.


I got into it riding BMX and started travelling on track bikes with my friends @hardbrakers.

That's also how I met Nis.

What fascinates you about it?
It’s the best invention ever. I don’t even know where to start. First of all I just love to ride bikes. It's just an awesome feeling and it gives me a good mood.
Even when it’s raining I enjoy it.
And I guess it’s that you can ride around the world whenever you want with your own power.

First of all, it's fun to ride any bike. But I also love the exploration aspect of it. As a child exploring your neighborhood. Riding around a foreign city scoping for street spots to ride with a bmx or packing the essentials, escape civilization and explore forests, mountains and deserts.

What are other passions in your life?
Besides cycling I really like to take photos. It’s my kind of a diary. With sharing photos of our trips I hope to inspire others to spend more time in nature.

What is your preferred setup at the moment and why do you shoot film?
Over the time I tried out a lot of cameras. There are so many awesome film cameras you just need to find out what works best for you.

Right now I really enjoy shooting with the canon eos30, it’s a fast and reliable Camera and with a pancake Lense it’s also quite small. I can use it like a point and shoot and at the same time I got complete control over the exposure time and the aperture.

What are your main inspirations for your style of photography?

I don’t have something like the one main inspiration. Maybe it sounds cheesy but I’m most inspired by what’s around me and the moment. I just try to catch the feeling and Emotion of the Moment the best i can to tell a story give the view the same feeling I felt in the moment.

From your point of view, what makes a good picture?

Like I said above. I tried to make people feel something when they look at my photos. Everything else is not that important to me. A photo can be blurry and underexposed but when it moves me and makes me feel something it’s a good photo for me.

What are other passions in your life?

I love being in the mountains. I love snowboarding and mountain biking. Exploring the world. Music. Listening to strangers. Talking shit. Observing animals.

Why do you enjoy spending time in nature and sleeping under the stars?

It’s healing for me. Living in big city’s It feels like we lost touch with nature and forgot that we are a part of everything. Spending time outside keeps me calm and clears my mind.


Although humans adapt well, I think it's pretty clear that our body and our mind have not been biologically designed for the environment that we have created for us.

Sitting inside all day, staring at screens stressing out over bullshit.

Often in offices with artificial light and shitty food with a schedule little respect to the circadian rhythm.
Our immune system needs to be exposed to the elements. Our body needs a little positive stress. Fighting up a steep hill, stretches without food, sweating or freezing. This in combination with fresh air and sunlight is an incredibly powerful preventive medicine.
Best outdoor sleeping spot you have experienced?
There have been a couple of really awesome spots at ufer lakes, in forests but I guess my two favorite ones were on top of a mountain in the alps after carrying our fully loaded bike up to the summit through the snow.

Yes, that one. And on another summit on the way to Granada.
The badlands race down in ANDALUCIA??!? Provided astonishing beautiful spots almost every night. In beautiful forests, in the Goraffe desert, right at a high cliff at the cabo de cato with the waves crushing below us.
And beaches of course.

What excites you about bikepacking?
It gives me the freedom to be completely independent and just go where I want to with almost no negative impact on the environment.

I enjoy the feeling of packing just a few necessities, as long as conditions allow it.
Being independent and free in nature. And because of the superlight camping gear the bike feels relatively light and is easy to maneuver.
So you can have a lot of fun with technical descents and climbs.

What’s your favourite sleeping setup?
Whenever the conditions allow, I like to sleep only in my Passion sleeping bag on my Vega Air in a hammock, when it gets colder I like to add the Jorund tech to the setup and when it rains or it’s super windy I also love to sleep in my Telemark tent.


Amen. Not much to add. Most of the time I have the Telemark with me because it doesn’t take much space and is light like a feather. But I almost never use it, since the phantom feels like a castle.
But a hammock and Jorund is also a killer combo.

What are your essentials for a multi day outdoor trip?
I’m heavily coffee addicted and love to make a fresh and clean brew outside in the morning sun.
So a stove, my aeropress and the Nordisk double wall titanium mug is always with me on a trip :)
Then camera(s), films and quality snacks.


Tools, pump, headlamp, sleeping bag, mattress, lighter, knife, spices, aeropress, stove, tissues, garbage bag, merino layer, down jacket coffee and moruga cacao.

  • Just go ride
  • Have fun
  • Make friends
  • Be kind
  • Respect
  • Take your trash

    • The only clear "Don't" from our point of view is not to leave the visited places as we found them.
    • Always take a trash bag with you.
    • And the same goes for fire and wood. Only as much/big as necessary. And as little/small as possible.

    • Don't overthink/overplan too much just go, enjoy nature and have fun!
    • Don't stress about equipment.
    • Try it out with what you have. Experiment around.
    • Borrow from friends. See what you like and what you really need.
    • Since you should really be able to rely on your material, we recommend:
    • Rather buy less, but buy high quality.

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