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Artikel: Nordisk Polar Bear julehjerte

Nordisk Polar Bear julehjerte

Nordisk Polar Bear julehjerte

Most people who celebrate Christmas in Denmark are familiar with braided Christmas hearts. The classic Danish Christmas heart is red and white like the Danish flag. But it can also be in other colours.

The famous Danish author and fairy-tale poet H.C. Andersen was perhaps the very first to weave a Christmas heart in the whole world!

Christmas trees decorated with hearts

Hans Christian Andersen was very skilled at cutting out little shapes from paper, and he loved Christmas and its traditions. He always visited people at Christmas and was allowed to decorate their Christmas trees with his own paper cut-outs.

From the simple to the difficult

Christmas hearts can have many small squares, but they can also have a few large squares.

Today, it's a sport to come up with the most exciting Christmas hearts. Some look like Christmas trees, elves or flowers - Or it can be even shaped as a Nordisk Polar bear!

  1. Print the template.
  2. Draw the template on a piece of parchment paper with a pencil.
  3. Now fold the glossy paper so it is double and turn it inside out. Transfer the template to the glossy paper by pressing the pencil line onto the glossy paper (the pencil line should face down towards the paper and then you scrape on top). The bottom of the template should be aligned with the fold.
  4. Cut out the lines and turn the paper so that the coloured side is facing out.
  5. Fold the two pieces together to make a heart. The two dots on the template should meet in the bottom corner.
  6. Cut out the handle, fold it in half and glue it to the edge.

Now the Christmas heart is ready to hang on the Christmas tree.


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